Elective Affinities (2004 gallery)

Elective Affinities (2004 gallery)
Display and live video clip of the 2004 gallery "Elective Affinities" by Brazilian artist Tunga. [1]
In art chemistry, Elective Affinities was a 2004 art gallery exhibit by Brazilian artist Tunga. [1]

The gallery consisted of half-naked dancers, classical music, and a large display of curtain-divided partitions surrounded by chains and larger steel boulders with teeth embedded and detached, presented at the Christopher Grimes Gallery, Los Angeles, from May 22nd to July 3rd, themed on German polymath Johann Goethe’s 1809 novella Elective Affinities. [2]

The meaning of the gallery seems to be something along the lines of that breaking free of (or being forcefully ripped from) strong sexual bonds is similar to the act of getting teeth pulled, often being a painful experience for many, or for others an innocuous, sometimes pleasant, experience, depending on if one is anesthetized during the process, or not.

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The chains seem to be symbolic of the strength of the bond holding people in relationships, being akin to Belgian surrealist artist by René Magritte's 1933 oil on canvas work "Elective Affinities (painting)", which depicts an unhatched egg locked in cage, the cage being representative of the idea that we are all bound by the forces of elective affinity.

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