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Elias Khalil nsIn economic thermodynamics, Elias Khalil (1957-) is an American economist noted for several commentary publications on theorists, such as Julius Davidson and Nicholas Georgescu, to have employed thermodynamic logic in the economic theory.

In 2004, Khalil published his “The Three Laws of Thermodynamics and the Theory of Production”, which he had reviewed by: Jeffrey Wicken, Reiner Kummel, Kozo Mayumi, among others, wherein he argues the following position: [1]

“This paper concurs with experts on thermodynamics that Georgescu-Roegen has committed a major error. Georgescu-Roegen’s notion of ‘material entropy’, which he christened as the ‘fourth law of thermodynamics’, is unfounded.”

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Khalil completed his BA in economics in 1979 at Ohio State University, and his MA in 1987 and PhD in 1990 both in economics at New School University, and currently is an economics professor at Monash University, Australia.

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