Entropy pied piper

Entropy piper (labeled)
An extra-labeled "entropy pied piper", original from cover of Harold Morowitz’ 1992 book Entropy and the Magic Flute, showing various abused entropy formulations, such as music as entropy (Arnheim, 1954), bits as entropy (Shannon, 1948), disorganization as entropy (Wiener, 1950).
In hmolscience, entropy pied piper refers to anyone, e.g. John Neumann (1940), who attempts to baselessly re-sell the original Clausius standard definition of entropy of δQ/T in a new formulaic guise (Morowitz, 1996), as are commonly seen in many un-grounded entropy formulations. [1]

In 1940, John Neumann told Claude Shannon that you can use "entropy" in ANY argument and win, using the power of the bluff, per the backwards reasoning that "no one", according to Neumann, really knows what entropy is. [2]

In 1996, Harold Morowitz published Entropy and the Magic Flute: S = k ln W = dQ/T = - kΣfi ln fi, an illustrated version of the the cover shown adjacent, the first equation being the Planck-version (1901) S = k ln W of Boltzmann entropy (1872), wherein he used humor to make a realistic joke that any one who begins speaking about entropy in an ignorant or disingenuous manner can quickly sound like magical music that can lead people, like mice, down roads of confusion. [1]

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