Entropy portmanteau

In animate thermodynamics, an entropy portmanteau is an invented "word combo" or "word blend" of entropy with another word, term, prefix, or suffix, introduced or hypothesized for a number of various reasons, often introduced to be the long sought “tendency to order” principle of thermodynamics, proposed to explain evolution, human civilization growth, consciousness, etc., in contrast or opposition to the standard disorder model of entropy or tendency to disorder model of the second law.

An over-typical example is the term:

Orgatropy = organization + entropy

as was introduced in 1992 by French mathematical physicist and physiologist Gilbert Chauvet to account for the origin of life from non-life and human consciousness.

Another example is the term phrentropy:

Phrenentropy = phren- + entropy = entropy of the mind

As employed in the schizophrenic work of Italian psychiatrist Tullio Scrimali.

Entropy portmanteau antonyms
Entropy portmanteaus often tend to be entropy antonyms. The following list are some of the various known entropy portmanteaus antonyms: orgatropy, anti-entropy, disentropic, ectropy, ektropy, entropy ethics, entropy reduction, entropy reversal, genetic entropy, gentropy, inverse entropy, local entropy decrease, entropy islands, low entropy, mental entropy, syntropy, syntropic, teleonomic entropy, genopsych, among others.

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