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Enzo Tiezzi nsIn hmolscience, Enzo Tiezzi (1938-) is an Italian physical chemist noted, in sociological thermodynamics, for his 1983 to 2009 publications on Prigoginean thermodynamics to ecology, evolution, and society.

In 1983, Tiezzi, in his The End of Time, discussed sustainability in the context of entropy, thermodynamics, and unsustainable human behaviors, with mentions of Herman Daly and Charles Snow, it seems, as the primary references. [1]

In 1995, Tiezzi gave a talk on “Thermodynamic Analysis of Urban Systems” and “Energy Flows, Entropy, and Dissipative Structures”, the latter with Nadia Marchettini. [2]

In 2005, Tiezzi one the Prigogine Medal.

In 2006, Tiezzi, in his Steps Towards an Evolutionary Physics, prefaced by Sven Jorgensen, applied Prigoginean thermodynamics to the study of biological evolution and society. [3]

In 2009, Tiezzi published City Out of Chaos, which, likewise, seems to be both themed and titled on Belgian chemist Ilya Prigogine’s 1984 book Order Out of Chaos. [4]

As an undergraduate, Tiezzi studied chemistry at Florence University. He taught at Cagliari University for four years. He worked Washington University, from 1966 to 1967, in the fields of physics and biology. Tiezzi currently is the PhD program coordinator of chemical science at the University of Siena.

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Further reading
● Tiezzi, Enzo. (2003). The Essence of Time: Volume 2 (thermodynamics, 35+ pgs). WIT Press.

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