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Encyclopedia of Human Thermodynamics (cover)
In the EoHT wiki this Cover page discusses the possibility of printing of the EoHT as a 5-volume set (~2,500-pages). The first draft cover, for the possible hardcover casewrap printing of the encyclopedia, in circa 2010 or later, is pictured adjacent. The first draft cover was made on 04 April 2008 by Libb Thims. The article pages are being written one at a time online via the wiki. Please post comments or suggestions below the photo or in the bottom threads.

Need to print the encyclopedia
The general drive or force to print the encyclopedia results according to the following logic:

(a) Their exists the general urge or intuition to have a backup stored copy of the EoHT wiki website (in case of system crash).
(b) The Wetpaint site allows site creators to "back up" the contents of this wiki by exporting the pages as HTML into a zip file (to down load to a computer), but it doesn't back up the images.
(c) With this in mind, a stored file of HTML code, seems good but messy if it were to be reloaded somewhere?
(d) Hence, the next logical step would be for Thims to copy the site, page-by-page, onto a word document, for safety's sake.
(e) If this were to be done, it then wouldn't be that much more work to edit the file, make a PDF file of it, and then print it with an ISBN for Amazon and global distribution (or at least so to have one hardcover copy on Thims' bookshelf).
(f) Beyond this, knowing the volatility of webpages, so the knowledge will be preserved for future generations, i.e. the books will be in circulation for others to read, study, and build on, in 100-years or more from now.

The publisher at present will be LuLu, as they are quick, affordable, simple to use, and have excellent quality text-book style hardcovers (no dust-jacket). A second choice might be to find a seasoned science encyclopedia publisher, e.g. McGraw-Hill.

The costs for the the ISBN fees, printing costs, advertising, etc., will be paid by Libb Thims.

As to retail price, most scientific encyclopedias cost between $500 to the $12,000 dollar range (examples below). To note, there seems to be only two other "thermodynamics" type encyclopedias published (or available):

A few other comparative examples are below:

The 620-page, 1-volume 2002 Encyclopedia of Thermodynamics and Electrified Interfaces is $505 dollars (or $0.81/page).
The 1,744-page, 2-volume, 2004 Encyclopedia of Supramolecular Chemistry is $540 dollars (or $0.32/page).
● The 3,000-page, 4-volume, 2004 Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry is $1,385 (or $0.46/page).
● The 5,373-page, 6-volume, 2004 Encyclopedia of Energy is $2,395 dollars (or $0.45/page).
● The 10,370-page, 11-volume, 2009 Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science is $5,699 dollars (or $0.55/page) print or $7,124 (or $0.69/page) print + eReference.
● The 14,344-page, 15-volume, 2001 Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry is $11,860 dollars (or $0.82/page).

Page length

Possibly the EoHT will fall in 1,000-3,000 page range (being that the wiki is near to passing the 1,000 mark). An idea would be to print the first edition after the biographies, theories, terms, etc., of the top-200 human thermodynamic pioneers are found and written or after the first 1,000 wiki pages are written?

As to potential proceeds, the basic goal will be to (a) pay for the cost of the EoHT wiki, (b) buy more human thermodynamics books, to further the growth of the EoHT wiki, and (c) pay for printing costs. A possibly residual idea, assuming funds are available, would be to donate a number of copies to libraries and schools.

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