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Erland Lagerroth nsIn hmolscience, Erland Lagerroth (1925-) is a Swedish literary critic and humanism theorist noted for his 1985 to present work aimed at ferreting out connections between the various popular physicalism ontic opening scholars and the field of literature humanities.

Lagerroth spent five decades aiming to unify the views of the literary humanistic outlook with modern empirical science, with focus on the work of Austrian-born American physicist Erich Jantsch, a topic about which he would go on to write over ten books (all in Swedish) on, including: Toward a New Science (1986), Beyond Darwin and DNA: A Non-mechanistic Biology (2004), Between Atoms and the Universe: or to Try to Understand the World We Live In (2010), among others. Lagerroth’s biggest book on Prigogine and Jantsch is the 1994 The Re-enchantment of the World and Science (Världen och Vetandet Sjunger på Nytt). [2]

Lagerroth's overall effort has has been to formulate a more holistic description, from atoms to humans, of human existence. Much of Lagerroth’s theory, seems to crouch on emergence, holism, and self-organization. [1]

Lagerroth completed his PhD in 1958 with a dissertation on “Landscape and Nature [Selma Lagerlof’s] Gosta Berling’s saga and Nils Holgersson”, after which he became a professor of literary criticism, teaching at various universities.

After coming across the work of Jantsch (The Self Organizing Universe, 1979) in 1985, Lagerroth delves into a course of research on the works of: Ilya Prigogine (the mentor to Erich Jantsch), Gregory Bateson, Karel Kosïk, Fritjof Capra, Ken Wilber, Henryk Skolimowski, Erwin Laszlo, Edward Goldsmith, Theodore Roszak, Elisabet Sahtouris, Susan Oyama, Anthony Wilden, Nicholas Maxwell, E F Schumacher, Amit Goswami, Lynn Margulis, Rupert Sheldrake, Henri Bortoft on Goethe, Robert Laughlin, Harold Morowitz, Steven Johnson, Steven Strogatz, Stephen Wolfram, Stephan Harding, David Abram, Mary Midgley, Brian Goodwin, Stuart Kauffman, Robert Ulanowicz, Sven Jørgensen, and Enzo Tiezzi.

Presently, Lagerroth is senior lecturer emeritus in literary criticism at the University of Lund, Sweden.

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