Etienne Guyon

Etienne GuyonIn existographies, Etienne Guyon (1935-) is a French physicist, noted for

Thermodynamics of couples
See also: Equation of love; Thermodynamics of love
In 1975, Guyon had developed a draft theory the thermodynamics of couple formation; the following is a section of a letter, outlining his theory, which he sent to Ilya Prigogine: [1]
The ideas outlined here, however, never resulted in a published paper.

In 1975, Guyon was the director of the Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris. Since 2000, Guyon has been a professor at the Graduate School of Physical and Industrial Chemistry of the city of Paris.

1. Rinaldi, Sergio, et al (2015). Modeling Love Dynamics (pg. 20-21). World Scientific.

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