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Eugenie ScottIn hmolscience, Eugenie Scott (1945-) is American physical anthropologist turned NCSE director (1987-2014), noted for her efforts to combat teaching of creationism in the American educational system.

In 2005, Scott was one of the organizers (Ѻ), expert witnesses (Ѻ), behind the win at the Kitzmiller vs Dover lawsuit. [3]

In 2006, Scott co-authored the article “Public Acceptance of Evolution”, which shows (Ѻ) ranking second to lowest ahead of Turkey in respect to public acceptance of evolution. [2]

In 2003, Scott described herself as an atheist who “does not discount the importance of spirituality.” (Ѻ)

In 1974, Scott was drawn into the science vs creationism debates sphere when she attended a debate between physical anthropologist James Gaven, he PhD mentor, and biochemistry creationist Duane Gish, wherein she learned the intricacies of audience reception. [3]

Scott has since debated philosopher physicist creationist Stephen Mayer, among others.

Intelligent design (etymology)
One of Scott-directed NCSE discovered changed on how "creationism" was switched to "intelligent design" in 1987 following the Edwards vs Aguillard decision; similar to who the term "intelligent design" has been replaced by the code word "sudden emergence", following the Kitzmiller vs Dover (2005) ruling. [4]
Scott completed her BS and MS at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and her PhD at the University of Missouri with a dissertation on the dental evolution in pre-Columbian Peru. (Ѻ)

The following are noted quotes:

“You can’t put an omnipotent deity in a test tube.”
— Eugenie Scott (1994), “Keep Science Free From Creationism”; cited by Lee Strobel, 2004 [1]

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Further reading
● Scott, Eugenie. (2003). Evolution vs Creationism: an Introduction. University of California Press, 2005.

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