Famous publications by age

In science, famous publications by age are a ranking of famous publications, hmolscience (or physicochemical humanities) publications in particular, by the age of the thinker per both inception of conceptual idea and age of publication of finished product, i.e. when the publication was finished, published, and or presented.


9/471360Johann GoetheElective Affinities1809
25/472572Henry AdamsA Letter to American Teachers of History / Phase Rule Applied to History1910

64Vilfredo ParetoTreatise on General Sociology1912

72Frederick Rossini Chemical Thermodynamics in the Real World1971
421355Mirza BegNew Dimensions in Sociology: a Physico-Chemical Approach to Human Behavior1987

19Christopher Hirata“The Physics of Relationships”2000

74Thomas WallaceWealth, Energy, and Human Values2009

The following are related quotes:

“You are now past 30 and you are no longer a physicist.”
Paul Dirac (1931), comment to Heisenberg shortly after his 30th birthday (Dec 5) [1]

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1. (a) Dirac, Paul. (1963). “Interview with von Weizsacher”, Archives for the History of Quantum Physics (pg. 19), Jun 9.
(b) Farmelo, Graham. (2009). The Strangest Man: the Hidden Life of Paul Dirac, Mystic of the Atom (pg. 230). Basic Books.

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