Florin Perier

In existographies, Florin Perier (1605-1672) (CR:3) was a French lawyer, and the husband of Blaise Pascal's elder sister Gilberte, who Pascal in 1648 convinced to clime Puy de Dome, France, altitude 4,803 feet, to test his hypothesis that the Torricelli barometer would go down in height, indicating lower atmospheric pressure at the top of the mountain.

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“The association of physical science with mountains goes back, as far as we need to be concerned, to the seventeenth century; to Perier’s ascent of the Puy de Dome, in order to demonstrate that the height of the barometer fell as the altitude increased, and Richard Towneley’s ascent of Pendle Hill when he was discovering his ‘hypothesis’, still wrongly called ‘Boyle’s law’.”
Donald Cardwell (1971), From Watt to Clausius (pg. 91) [1]

1. Cardwell, Donald S.L. (1971). From Watt to Clausius: the Rise of Thermodynamics in the Early Industrial Age (pg. 91). Cornell University Press.

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