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Francisco TerziIn existographies, Francesco Lana de Terzi (1631-1687), aka “Lana Terzi” (Caldwell, 1917), was an Italian physicist, mathematician, naturalist, and linguist, noted for []

In 1663, Terzi has proposed, based on the work of Otto Guericke, to make a lighter than air flying vessel, based on the premise that four vacuum bulbs could be used to lift a light boat into the air, conceived on the idea that that air was like a fluid.

In 1670, Terzi, in his Prodrome, chapter: “On New Inventions Premised on the Master Art”, diagrammed his flying boat as follows:

Terzi flying vacuum boat

In 1782, Joseph Montgolfier, and his brother brother Etienne Montgolfier, realized this general concept, in the form of hot air balloons.

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