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Frank ThoneIn existographies, Frank Thone (1891-1949) (CR:16) was an American plant physiologist, ecologist, and science writer, noted for []

In 1936, Thone, in his article “Nature Ramblings: ‘Chnops,’ Plus”, describes plants and animals, chemically, as “Chnops plus” [CHNOPS+] systems, via employing the following labeled by him visual:

CHNOPS plus (Thone, 1936) 2

In other words, he described biological systems as systems comprised of the elements: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur (CHNOPS) plus potassium and calcium, among others. [1]

This addition of the " + " notation is been very helpful in the development of proper chemical thermodynamic terminology of what exactly a "human" is, as, e.g. a physics and chemistry, and thermodynamics in particular, do not recognized (Sherrington, 1938) the term life or "bio-".

In 1922, Thone completed his dissertation, MS or PhD, entitled “Ecological Factors in Region of Starved Rock, Illinois”. In 1936, Thone was a staff writer for Science News Letters. In 1945, he was a Science Service biology editor and also was involved in radio-based promotions of science, e.g. national science talent searches.

1. Thone, Frank. (1936). “Nature Ramblings: ‘Chnops,’ Plus”, Science News Letters (CHNOPS, pg. 110; protoplasm, pg. 110), 30(801), Aug 15.

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