Fred Fox

photo neededIn hmolscience, Fred Wayne Fox (1919-2007) was an American scientist noted, in human thermodynamics, for his 1976 suggestion that anti-entropy conceptualized morality should be taught in science class.

In 1976, Fox published
“The Recolored Mentality: Ethical Lessons From Science”, the abstract of which is as follows: [1]

“Discusses ethical lessons arising from conceptual science and ways to incorporate them into the secondary school science curriculum. Includes discussions about the Western analytical mind, the right to control nature, and the relationship between man and nature.”

Fox, in short, attempted to show that students who build hope or reason on a framework of ethics, based on science, can carry away various ethical lessons, particularly from the second law of thermodynamics. In particular, according to Fox: [1]

“Man’s physical body and his social aspirations are anti-entropic, representing states of higher organization and concentration of potential energy.”

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Fox was
a professor of science education at Oregon State University.

1. Fox, Fred W. (1976). “The Recolored Mentality: Ethical Lessons From Science” (abs) , The Science Teacher, May, pgs. 25-30.

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