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Fred WolfIn hmolscience, Fred Alan Wolf (1934-), a creationism scientist ranked by idiocy (#11), oft-classified as fringe and or new age, is an American physicist noted for a number of publications, beginning in about 1975, attempting to use quantum mechanics to argue for scientifically-themed god talk theory, e.g. world soul, consciousness, life, etc.

In 1981, Wolf, in his Taking the Quantum Leap, began to use quantum mechanics to argue that “God’s order appears to us as a principle of uncertainty”, i.e. your basic ontic opening polemic, that we are “free to choose”, but that we “cannot predict the results of our choices”. [1]

Wolf's dozen or so books thereafter venture off into new age kingdom, e.g. his The Spiritual Universe: How Quantum Mechanics Proves the Existence of the Soul (1996), argues that individual souls don't exist, but rather there is one cosmic soul (see: world soul), which is mysteriously linked with the vacuum of space.

American theoretical physicist Jack Sarfatti (1939-) claims (Ѻ) that he and Wolf started the “new age physics” movement with the publication of their 1975 book Space-Time and Beyond, whose work was cited in Gary Zukav's 1979 The Dancing Wu Li Masters: an Overview of the New Physics. (Ѻ)

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Organic systems arise at the micro-meso intersect when according, to Wolf’s vortex hypothesis, an electrical spark breeds life to photon-electron interactions.”
Paris Arnopoulos (1993), per citation of Star Wave [2]

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