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Friedrich Cramer nsIn animate thermodynamics, Friedrich Cramer (1923-2003) (DN:1) was a German chemist, philosopher, and geneticist noted for his 1993 cosmology and philosophy conference proceedings chapter “The Entropic Versus the Anthropic Principle: on the Self-Organization of Life”, wherein he outright says frankly that the notion of “self-organization” lets the metaphysical into physics (see: ontic openings) and hence justifies the notion of creation by God, as he sees things (and believes in), and discusses how he thinks "dead matter" equates to equilibrium. [1]

Cramer seems to be attempting to sell god via an ontic opening of his theory of “evolution field”, a new description of matter, and self-organization; the following being one example statement, the term “creative potential” being code for god:

“Self-organization is a rather abbreviated expression for a basic property of matter: self-organization in the evolution field. Self-organization is not a mere ‘accident’ of matter. It is inseparable from matter and is an attribute of the material substance. Self-organization is the creative potential of evolving matter. Every piece of matter has this capacity depending on its energy level in a dissipative structure.”

Cramer ends off this discussion by concluding on Genesis defined in the Bible; and stated "with my new broader concept of matter, god can exist in the concepts of science."

1. Cramer, Friedfrich. (1993).“The Entropic Versus the Anthropic Principle: on the Self-Organization of Life”, in: The Anthropic Principle: Proceedings of the Second Venice Conference on Cosmology and Philosophy (pgs. 117-27). Cambridge University Press.

Further reading
● Cramer, Friedrich. (1988). Chaos and Order: the Complex Structure of Living Things (Chaos und Ordnung. Die komplexe Struktur des Lebendigen). Stuttgart: German Publishing House (Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt).

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