In abbreviations, GR is the acronym for “genius rankings”, meta-analysis section, the number of which refers to meta-analysis genius ranking position in accumulative genius rankings.

The term (GR:#), as of 2015, e.g. Goethe (GR:1), is shorthand notation for the person's ranking position in the Top 500 geniuses rankings

On some older, pre 2014 pages, the Isaac Newton page, to exemplify, the notation: (IQ:220|2) (GR:1) signifies that on the Genius IQs page, Newton is ranked second with a real IQ (true IQ) of 220 and ranked first on the genius rankings page, according to meta-analysis of 22+ genius ranking lists.

The GR as genius rankings is not to be confused with, in literature thermodynamics, the GR acronym of Gravity’s Rainbow, a work of Thomas Pynchon, who has a sort of cult following, who occasionally make statements such as: “GR is our new Bible, and Pynchon’s a zany Moses in America.”

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