George Gerhold

George GerholdIn hmolscience, George Arthur Gerhold (1937-) is an American physical chemist noted for his two cultures synergy work with American sociologist Ed Stephan on the subject of how the Gibbs fundamental equation applies to sociology and social territories. [1]

Gerhold was co-author with Peter Rock of the 1974 book Chemistry: Principles and Applications, which is his most-widely held work.

Gerhold completed his PhD with a dissertation on “An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Stopping Bands in Molecular Crystals” in 1963 at the University of Washington. Gerhold from 1969 to 2004 was a physical chemistry professor at Western Washington State College. In 1993, Gerhold was associate dean of arts and sciences. [2] Gerhold currently is emeritus professor of physical chemistry. [3]

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