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George LucasIn existographies, George Lucas (1944-) (RGM:949|1,500+) (CR:2) is an American film maker, noted for his 1977 epic space opera Star Wars, which describes a “force that binds the universe”, as being behind all things.

In 1974, American anthropologist Carlos Castaneda (1925-1998), in his Tales of Power, describes his encounters, while taking peyote, with the Yaqui Indian religious shamans, and their models of forces and powers of things, and description of people as "luminous beings". Lucas read this book and used its general scheme as the basis for the now-famous “force” of Star Wars.

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In 1999, Lucas, in Star Wars: Episode I, in an attempted to elaborate on the force and life, introduced the concept of “medi-chlorians”, a portmantua of “medium”, or substance through which another passes (Ѻ), and “chlorophyll” (1819), itself coined by French chemists Pierre Pelletier (1788-1842) and Joseph Caventou (1795-1877) from Greek khloros "pale green" (see: Chloe) + phyllon "a leaf" (see: folio). [2]

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“Congratulations to the Cantina crowd and all the forces of your imagination that made Star Wars so worthy of the throne.”
— Steven Spielberg (1977), “Open Letter to George Lucas” (Ѻ), Variety, Oct 2

Lucas, in his search for fantasy, read Grimm's fairy tales and C.S. Lewis' Narnia Chronicles, J.R.R. Tolkien and James Frazier's Golden Bough. He also read Greek, Islamic and Indian mythology and the works of modern mythologists like Carlos Castaneda and Joseph Campbell.”
— Garry Jenkins (1997), Empire Building (pg. 38) [1]

Lucas had by now simplified the mysticism in his script. Obi-Wan Kenobi would be a guardian of the wisdom of the Jedi knights and the force, a mysterious power that ‘binds the universe together’. Lucas had found the inspiration for the idea in a story in Carlos Castaneda's Tales Of Power (1974), in which a Mexican Indian mystic, Don Juan, described a ‘life force’.”
— Garry Jenkins (1997), Empire Building (pg. 62) [1]

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