George Stephenson

George StephensonIn existographies, George Stephenson (1781-1848) (IQ:175|#304) (Murray 4000:19|T) (EP:30) (CR:3) was an English mechanical engineer and civil engineer, noted for the invention of the Invented the miner's safety lamp, and for his development of passenger steam engine to pioneer mass public train transportation.

In 1814, Stephenson, building on Richard Trevithick's 1801 passenger steam engine work along with the 1811 locomotive engine of John Blenkinsop (1783-1831), began to pioneer mass public train transportation.

In 1829, Stephenson offered a prize of about 500 pounds to the person who could make the best locomotive; four competed, Stephenson’s so-called “Rocket” locomotive, shown below, won, drawing a carriage with 30 passengers at 25 to 30 mph:

George Stephenson rocket


In 1827, Robert Stephenson (1803-1859), Stephenson’s son, met Richard Trevithick in Venezuela, and funded his mining efforts. [1]

1. Kirby, Richard. (1956). Engineering in History (co-authors: Sidney Withington, Arthur Darling, Frederick Kilgour) (pgs. 275-79). Courier, 1990.

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