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Gian BerettaIn existographies, Gian Beretta (c.1951-) (CR:4) is an Italian thermodynamicist, of the MIT school of thermodynamics, noted for []

Beretta believes that Joseph Keenan’s 1965 Principles of General Thermodynamics, co-authored with Elias Gyftopoulos, was the greatest thermodynamics textbook of the 20th century.

In 2006, Beretta stated that, in his personal library, he owns about 50-60 thermodynamics books. [2]

Beretta was one of the peer reviewers (Ѻ) for Libb Thims’ 2007 Human Chemistry.

Beretta completed his BS in nuclear engineering, his MS in mechanical engineering, and in 1981 completed his ScD (Ѻ) in mechanical engineering, with a thesis “On the general equation of motion of quantum thermodynamics and the distinction between quantal and nonquantal uncertainties”, at MIT. [1]

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The following are quotes by Beretta:

Physics is the science that attempts to describe all aspects of all phenomenon pertaining to the perceivable universe. It can be viewed as a large tree with many branches, such as mechanics, electromagnetism, gravitation, and chemistry, each specialized in the description of a particular class of phenomenon. Thermodynamics [however] is not a branch … it pervades the entire tree.”
— Elias Gyftopoulos (1991), Thermodynamics (coauthor: Gian Beretta) [3]

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