Giovanni Busino

photo neededIn hmolscience, Giovanni Busino (c.1938-) (CR:7) is a French political sociologist noted for being the editor of the complete works of Vilfredo Pareto, which totals some 20 books or booklets, more than 600 articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers, and over 100 published book reviews, introductions, prefaces, and or interviews, on subjects including: physics, mathematics, statistics, public policy, and sociology (Ѻ); and, supposedly, for a 1967 collected works set on Leon Winiarski’s social mechanics publications entitled Essays on the Social Mechanism (Leon Winiarski et la Mechanique Sociale). [1]

Some of Busino’s work on Pareto seems to be cited in the 1968 International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences article on Pareto. [2]

Since 1982, Busino began teaching general sociology at University of Lausanne and currently is professor and directory of social and political sciences at the University of Lausanne, where he seems to be one of the leading historical scholars of Lausanne school of physical economics (see also: two cultures synergy).

1. Winiarski, Leon. (1967). Essais Sur la Mecanique Sociale: Textes reunis et presents par Giovanni Busino (Essay on Social Mechanics: Collected Works presented by Giovanni Busino) (Thermodynamique, 13+ pages; entropy integrals, pg. 257). Librairie Droz.
2. Vilfredo Pareto – International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (1968)

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