Glenn 20 greatest minds

Scientific Genius (1996)
Jim Glenn's 1996 Scientific Genius, which presents overviews of twenty great minds from Aristotle to Hawking. [1]
In genius rankings, Glenn 20 greatest minds refers to the 1996 listing of the twenty greatest scientific geniuses made by Jim Glenn, (c.1945-) is a writer and editor of scientific, mathematical, and computer science publications, including: The Complete Patents of Nikola Tesla (1994), Danger Signs: Colds and Coughs (1985), Win at Poker (1987), among others (ΡΊ); and seeming editor of Black’s Concise Atlas of Human Anatomy (2005). [1]

The following is Glenn’s list of twenty greatest scientific geniuses:

1. Aristotle
2. Archimedes
3. Galileo Galilei
4. William Harvey
5. Rene Descartes
6. Blaise Pascal
7. Isaac Newton
8. Carl Gauss
9. Michael Faraday
10. Charles Darwin
11. Evariste Galois
12. Gregor Mendel
13. Robert Koch
14. Ivan Pavlov
15. Albert Einstein
16. Werner Heisenberg
17. John Neumann
18. Alan Turing
19. Linus Pauling
20. Stephen Hawking


1. Glenn, Jim. (1996). Scientific Genius: the Twenty Greatest Minds (Glenn, pg. 163). Crescent Books.

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