Goethe genealogy

In genealogies, Goethe genealogy, diagrammed below, refers to the ancestors and descendants of German polyintellect Johann Goethe (1749-1832).

The genealogy of Goethe is unique in that although it can be traced back through eleven generations, his seed only carried forward through two generations, and in this sense, it is more apt to say correctly that we are the progeny of his prolific output. [1]

First generation



Johann Caspar Goethe 75Johann Caspar Goethe (1710-1782)+Catharina Elisabeth Textor 75Catharina Textor (1731-1808)Goethe (age 15) 75Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832)+Cornelia Goethe 75Cornelia Goethe (1750-1777)

Second generation


JoGoethe (1787) 75hann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832)+Christiane Vulpius 75Christiane Vulpius (1765-1816)August von Goethe 75August von Goethe (1789-1830)

Third generation


C + D + E
August von Goethe 75August Goethe (1789-1830)+Ottilie Goethe 75Ottilie Pogwisch (1796-1872)Walter Goethe 75Walter Wolfgang von Goethe (1818-1885)

Maximilian Goethe 75Maximilian Wolfgang von Goethe (1820-1883)

Alma Goethe 75Sedina Alma Henrietta Cornelia von Goethe (1827-1844)

Goethe’s grandchildren Walter and Maximilian, as it has been noted, turned homosexual in mating behaviors, thus producing no offspring, and their sister Sedina (Alma), ended at the age of 17 during the typhoid epidemic, thus producing no offspring—hence, stands the 1885 passage on Walter's tombstone: [2]

Walter Goethe tombstone (1885)

Walther von Goethe

born 9th April 1818 in Weimar,
died in Leipzig 15th April 1885.

With him went out Goethe's seed,
whose name survives forever.

Walther von Goethe

geb. zu Weimar 9ten April 1818,
gest zu Leipzig 15ten April 1885.

Mit ihm verlosch Goethes Geschlecht,
dessen Namme alle Zeiten überdauert.

In genius studies (see "marriage" section of the genius page), there seems to exist some yet unwritten law according to which genius level is directly proportional, in increasing amount, to the amount of passion, devotion, and time one puts into his or her work, which is reciprocal, in decreasing amount, to the amount of passion, devotion, and time one puts into his or her relationships and family, which has some sort of trickle down effect.

In respect to Goethe and his offspring lineage termination, some unnamed principle or law at work here, in the neighborhood of "having one's cake and eating it to", in regards to elite geniuses and progeny, something akin to the two being inversely proportional to each other, as in Beckhap's law.

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‚óŹ Goethe’s modern day ancestors (2014)

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