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Gustavus John EsselenIn human chemistry, Gustavus John Esselen (1888-1952) was an American chemist noted for being the consulting chemist for the 1948 book We Human Chemicals by Thomas Dreier, wherein he gave suggestions on chemical terms and analogies. [1]

Esselen completed his AB in chemistry (1909) and PhD in chemistry (1912), thesis: “Studies on Benzhydrols: I: The resolution of p-Aminobenzhydrol into its optical isomers, II: The splitting of Benzhydrols by the action of bromine”, both at Harvard University. [2]

The Gustavus John Esselen Award, which recognizes a chemist whose scientific and technical work, within the last five years, has contributed to the public well-being, and has thereby communicated positive values of the chemical profession, was established in Esselen’s honor in 1987 by the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society. [3]

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Further reading
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