Hans Bethe

Hans BetheIn existographies, Hans Bethe (1906-2005) [RGM:1234|1,500+] (GPE:66) (Landau scale:1.5|Vote) was a German-born American physicist noted for his work, with Enrico Fermi, on the development of exchange force theory.

In circa 1933, Enrico Fermi and Bethe summarized the core exchange force model by suggesting that interactions between charged particles could be described in terms of photons being exchanged between particles. [1]

In 1939, Bethe added the final pieces to Arthur Eddington’s proton-proton chain reaction model, by showing that a proton can beta decay into a neutron via the weak interaction during the brief moment of fusion, making deuterium the initial product in the chain.

Bethe completed his PhD under Arnold Sommerfeld.

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● Schweber, Silvan S. (2012). Nuclear Forces: the Making of the Physicist Hans Bethe. Harvard University Press.

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