In hmolscience, Hauptmann, from the German haupt- “head, main” + -mann “man”, means “head man”, which is the German word for “Captain” in the English equivalent.

Elective Affinities
In 1809, Goethe, in his coded novel Elective Affinities, in one of his many layered puzzles, does a double word play on the character “Captain”, who is symbolized by the chemical letter C, in Bergman reaction notation, and also referred to as “Hauptmann”, which, when combined with the characters: Charlotte [C], Hauptmann [H], Edward [E], Mittler [M], becomes the root CHEM, the root the word chemistry, from the Egyptian “keme”, a reference to the black fertile soil of the Nile River, also the original name of Egypt, i.e. Kemet, the Egyptians referred to as “Kemites”, their variant of alchemy referred to as the “black art”, prior to the country, following the conquest of Alexander, being referred to as House of Ptah or Aigyptos, aka Egypt.

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