Heat energy

Heat energy (Odum, 1976)
An example of dumbed-down thermodynamics by American "ecologist" Howard T. Odum, wherein he attempts to label two bodies of water at different temperatures as having different amounts of "heat energy", which is non-sensical from the point of view of thermodynamics; correctly: the warmer body will be said to be at a higher temperature, the colder body at a lower temperature, and, according to zeroth law, heat will flow from the former (hotter body) into the latter (colder body), until the point at which their temperatures are the same, at which point they will be in thermal equilibrium. [2]
In science, heat energy (from the Old English 'hat'), aka “thermal energy” (from the Greek therme), as compared to “cold energy”, is a laymanized scientific two-term conjunction misnomer; the term's illogicalness found in the reason that “energy” is a state function of a body, whereas “heat” means “energy in transit” (Heaviside, 1885) (Ѻ) or “quiddity in motion” (Bacon, 1620) of the parts of the body.

In 1875, Clausius, in his 1875 §1.6: Development of the First Main Principle, §1.8: Different Conditions of the Quantities J, W, and H, and §1.8: Energy of the Body, explained why “heat energy” is necessarily incorrigible from the point of view of thermodynamics, the details of which should be read in full; the gist of which being that the energy of any given body will have the following energy U:

Internal energy

where H is the ‘quantity of heat’ of the body or ‘total heat existing in the body’, and J is the ergal; hence “energy” U and quantity of “heat” in a body are two different things; to add them together as one term is to convolute the subject matter into a distorted mess. [1]

The term “enthalpy”, to note, is sometimes referred to as “heat content”.

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