Helmholtz statue (Humboldt University)
The Helmholtz statue (ΡΊ) in front of Humboldt University, Berlin.
In mononyms, Helmholtz [CR:21] (CR:454) is the surname of German physicist-physician Hermann Helmholtz; noted in hmolscience, most-significantly for his 1882 proof, as found in his “On the Thermodynamics of Chemical Processes”, that free energy is the measure of affinity.

Helmholtz is the eponym of the:

● Goethe-Helmholtz equation
● Helmholtz free energy
● Helmholtz school

The following are related quotes:

“The matter of multiplicity of contributors needs no great explanation, for we are all used to this in the modern handbooks. I believe it is a common saying that Helmholtz was the last universal genius, and we are fast arriving at the point where even a single subject becomes too vast for one man. At any rate, whether or not any of my learned colleagues could write an entire chemical engineering handbook, I could not—hence the present form.”
Donald Liddell (1922) Handbook of Chemical Engineering [1]

1. Liddell. Donald M. (1922). Handbook of Chemical Engineering, Volume 1 (quote, pg. ix). McGraw-Hill Company.

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