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Henri TheilIn existographies, Henri Theil (1924-2000) (CR:2) was a Dutch econometrician, noted for his Economics and Information Theory, wherein he becomes a Shannon band wagoneer in economics; confusing the minds of Nicholas Roegen and Paul Samuelson.

In 1967, Theil, in his Economics and Information Theory, attempted to expound on information entropy applied to economics; this has resulted in the confusion that, as of Mar 2020, one can read in Wikipedia that Theil is “also famous for the Theil index, a measure of ‘entropy’, which belongs to the class of Kolm-Indices and is used as an inequity indicator in econometrics”, the entropy term hyperlinking to the "thermodynamic entropy" or standard physics Clausius entropy article, instead of the Shannon-based entropy article.

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“These are related in a purely formal way to a simple algebraic formula which is the cloak under which ‘entropy’ is now becoming familiar to an increasing number of social scientists. Just recently, the term—with such a formal meaning—was brought within the economist's field of vision by the invitation to include a special ‘theory of information’ (Theil, 1967) in his tool box.”
Nicholas Roegen (1971), The Entropy Law and the Economic Process (pgs. 4-5) [1]

“My [abrasive] texts are not intended to be critical of [entropy] use by such econometricians as Henri Theil of information-entropy magnitudes of the form Σj Xj (log Xj); no physicalism is involved in such measures of portioned variability.”
Paul Samuelson (1989), “Gibbs in Economics” (pg. 256) [2]

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“Models are to be used, not believed.”
— Henri Theil (c.1970), Publication (Ѻ)

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2. Samuelson, Paul. (1989). “Gibbs in economics”, in: Proceedings of the Gibbs Symposium, Yale University, May 15-17 (editors: D.G. Caldi and George Mostow) (pgs. 255-68). American Mathematical Society.

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