Henry II

Henry IIIn existographies, Henry II (1133-1189) (IQ:#|#) (Cattell 1000:457) (Time 100:30), aka Henry II of England, ruler of England from 1154 to 1189, was an English king, noted for []

In c.1170, Henry II introduced the practice of “assizes”, an early form of trial by jury, wherein, twelve local men, with knowledge of a dispute, would be called into decide judgment, on matters such as who was the "rightful" owner or heir; this replaced the older method wherein a priest would be called in to bless a pond or river, and the accused thrown in, and if he or she floated, guild would be assume, per logic that the “blessed water” rejected them. [1]

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1. Stengel, Richard. (2011). 100 Ideas that Changed the World: History’s Greatest Breakthroughs, Inventions, and Theories (#30: Verdicts Should be Decided by a Panel of One’s Fellow Citizens). Time Magazine.

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