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In existographies, Hermann Lotze (1817-1881) was a German philosopher, physician, and logician, noted for []

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“It was the philosopher Lotze, I believe, who held that a thing is known by its activities. To determine how it acts through and through is, he declared, to arrive at a complete understanding of what it is. It would seem, however, that, contrary to the Lotzean point of view, the energies of a thing, provided they can be separately determined, furnish a better criterion of its nature than do its mere activities.”
Newell Sims (1924), Society and Surplus (pg. 3) [1]

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“A thing is known by its activities.”
— Hermann Lotze (c.1842), Publication; cites by Newell Sims (1924) in: Society and its Surplus (pg. 3) [1]

1. Sims, Newell L. (1924). Society and its Surplus: a Study in Social Evolution (pg. ix). D. Appleton and Co.

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