Hippolyte Carnot

Hippolyte Carnot nsIn science, Lazare Hippolyte Carnot (1801-1888) was a French statesman notable for being the son of École Polytechnique founder Lazare Carnot and younger brother of French physicist and thermodynamics founder Sadi Carnot. Sadi was known to have given Hippolyte a copy of his famed 1824 manuscript On the Motive Power of Fire to read so to make sure that it was intelligible to the layperson or non-scientist. [1] In 1872, Hippolyte wrote an essay on Sadi's life, now considered as the principle source of information on Sadi Carnot; an essay that was latter reprinted in 1878 in a new edition of Sadi Réflexions (1824), together with some of his unpublished manuscripts. [2]

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