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In Hmolpedia, Hmolpedia: Categories, similar to Wikipedia:Categorization pages, are categorization organization pages to the articles of Hmolpedia.

Two cultures schools
The following is a work-in-progress listing of types of two cultures like schools, circles, networks, listings, and groups or synergies:

American school of econophysics
Chinese social physics school
Harvard Pareto circle
● Kolkata school | Indian school of econophysics
Mechanistic school
● Mechanistic school of social thermodynamics | Pitirim Sorokin (1928)
Princeton Department of Social Physics
Romanian school of physical socioeconomics
Stark classification
Two cultures department
Two cultures namesakes
Two cultures synergy

People with description boxes
The following individuals, listed in order of chronological implementation, have description box templates, showing nationality, alma mater, student, known for, signature, among other key descriptions:

Johann Goethe
Willard Gibbs
Libb Thims
Ludwig Buchner
Vilfredo Pareto

all of which, in respect to commonality, are high ranking social Newtons.


The following is a work-in-progress listing of people within Hmolpedia of Indian birth or nationality:

Anirban Chakraborti
Bikas Chakrabarti | Head of the Kolkata school or Indian school of econophysics
Carlos Silva
DMR Sekhar
Dilip Kondepudi
Kalyan Annamalai
Kishore Dash
● Narasimha Ramayya
Ravi Vedula
Satish Boregowda
● Satyendra Bose | fermions (matter) and bosons (force)
Srdan Lelas
● Srinivasa Ramanujan
Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
Surya Pati
Vamshi Regalla

A related term is the Indian Thermodynamic Society, as discussed in the schools of thermodynamics.

People by occupation
The following articles have people within Hmolpedia grouped or rather tabulated by commonality of occupation:

Chemical engineering
Mechanical engineering
● Electrical engineering

Physical chemists
See main: Physical chemists
The following is a work in progress alphabetical (by first name) listing of physical chemists in Hmolpedia:

Physical chemistry uses mathematical language, and it is a large part of my evangelistic attitude to suppose that much of developmental biology will some day have to be written in much the same language that physical chemists use.”
Lionel Harrison (2008), The Shaping of Life (pg. 105)

Georgi Gladyshev
Lawrence Henderson
Lionel Harrison

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