Human thermodynamics (synonyms)

In human thermodynamics, human thermodynamics synonyms page lists synonymous names or terms that refer to the subject of thermodynamics of humans as used by authors who have published theory on this topic in the form of an article, chapter, or book. Some of these are listed chronologically below:


Human thermodynamicsBryan Donkin1893[1]
Anthropic physicsWilhelm Ostwaldc.1902

Scientific humanismAlfred Ubbelohde1947[6]
Human thermodynamicsC.G. Darwin1952[2]
Love and Worship: Human Thermodynamics
Mehdi Bazargan1956[9]
Thermodynamics in Human Condition
Mehdi Bazargan1969[10]
Animate thermodynamicsSture Nordholm1997[11]
"The Critical Point and the Theory of Human Thermodynamics"Karlis Ullis1999[8]
"Physics of Relationships" (relationship physics)Christopher Hirata2000[3]
"Relation thermodynamics"Wayne Angel2005[4]
Human thermodynamicsLibb Thims2007[7]

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