Human existence

In logic, human existence is a term that refers to the modern scientific reality that a moving or animate human person ‘exists’, in the sense of being an atomicbound state’ structure in the course of time in the dynamical movement of the universe.

In 2009, American physical chemist Thomas Wallace, in his Wealth, Energy, and Human Values, stated the following: [1]

Thermodynamics regulates society’s acquisition, refinement, and utilization of nature’s resources to provide the food and fuels necessary for the vital processes of human existence.”

A popular search term is ‘thermodynamics of human existence’.

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In 2010, Libb Thims began to use the term ‘existence’ in place of or rather as a modern replacement synonym for the antiquated, now-defunct, term ‘life’, on the conclusive logic, conceptually visualized on evolution timelines, that a person is a molecule, technically a human molecule, and it is technically or rather theoretically incorrect to speak of a molecule as being ‘alive’; no matter what sort of contrivance one might use to justify that some molecules can be alive whereas others can not. [1]

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1. Wallace, Thomas P. (2009). Wealth, Energy, and Human Values: the Dynamics of Decaying Civilizations from Ancient Greece to America (Appendix A: The Fundamentals of Thermodynamics Applied to Socioeconomics, pgs. 469-89). AuthorHouse.
2. Thims, Libb. (2009). “Letter: Life a Defunct Scientific Theory”, Journal of Human Thermodynamics, Vol. 5, pgs. 20-21.

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