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photo needed In existographies, Ibn al-Rawandi (827-c.880) [RGM:740|1,245+] (FA:31) was a Persian Shia Muslim, turned free thinker, atheist, skeptic of Islam, a critic of religion in general, whose views on religion are said (Ѻ) to be comparable to David Hume; who is grouped with Zakariya Razi. [1]

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Al-Rawandi disputed the reality of the miracles of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad and claimed that they were fraudulent tricks and that people who performed them were magicians and lairs; that the Quran is the speech of an unwise being, and that it contains contradictions, errors, and absurdities.”
— Al-Hayyat (c.910) [2]

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Muhammad’s own presuppositions and systems show that religious traditions are not trustworthy. The Jews and Christians say that Jesus really died, but the Quran [Surah 4:157] contradicts them.”
— Ibn al-Rawandi (c.870) (Ѻ)

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