Inflated IQ

Real genius vs fake genius
A caricature of “real genius”, based on quotes by Hawking and Aristotle, respectively, and “fake genius”, based on quotes by Rick Rosner, Christopher Langan, and Marta Rodiguez, respectively.
In genius studies, inflated IQ, abbreviated "IIQ", related to IQ miscalculation, "feigned IQs", IQ overestimates, contrived IQs, fool's gold IQ, overzealous IQs, faked IQs, snake oil IQs, scam IQs, fictional IQs, propaganda IQs, disingenuous IQs, etc., as compared to as compared to a "real IQ", true IQs, or genius IQs, etc. refers to a genius level intelligence quotient (IQ), i.e. those above 140, purported to be possessed by someone who is not a genius, not at the genius level purported to be, but claims to be or is sold as such, and or childhood age ratio based potential IQs sold as real IQs in adulthood.

The notation (IIQ:#|#), e.g. Ronald Hoeflin (IIQ:190|#26) indicates an individuals highest inflated IQ and their position ranking in the top 35+ famously inflated IQ listings (below)

The following are a mishmash of so-called "high IQ testers" said to have, or have claimed themselves to have, genius-range IQs, but as of yet, without noted accomplishments to verify or rank accordingly their genius-range IQ claims:

PersonIQ purportedActual IQDiscussion


1.Adragon De MelloAdragon De Mello
 IQ_R \,=400 (age 5)

An extreme forced prodigy; at age 11, completed BA in computational mathematics at University of California at Santa Cruz (see: youngest college graduate); IQ calculated by father.
2.Ainan Cawley 75Ainan Cawley
 IQ_R \,=349 (age 7)
 IQ_R \,=263

Passed the O level exam (in chemistry) at 7 years and 1 month old, with a score of "C" (the average grade, supposedly, because he had studied the wrong syllabus, owing to a misunderstanding about which exams he would be taking); forced prodigy scenario; IQ calculated by father.
3.Michael Kearney 75Michael Kearney
 IQ_R \,=325 (age 4)
 IQ_O \,=200 (age 14)

An unusual forced prodigy scenario; at age 10, completed BS in anthropology from the University of South Alabama (see: youngest college graduate); IQ calculated by father.
4.Maria Dos Marinos 75Maria Dos Marinos
 IQ_O \,=307
A laundry worker who, supposedly, was studied and tested by a psychologist De Ribera (1992), at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, who assigned her with an IQ of 307; she adds up laundry numbers, memorizes birth dates, and home addresses of customers to amuse herself; and has learned French, Chinese, and Italian from co-workers; but has had no formal education; Most likely fake, joke, or humor (Ѻ)?
5.Marnen Laibow-Koser 75Marnen Laibow-Koser
 IQ_R \,=268

6.Evangelos Katsioulis 75Evangelos Katsioulis
 IQ_O \,=258, 205
 IQ_O \,=180

Founder of the so-called “World Intelligence Network”, whose online magazine (2006) explains that “spirit is the vital principle which gives the physical organism life, in contrast to its material components”, citing Pierre Teilhard as justification (Ѻ), was listing himself as IQ of 180-205 [2]; a YouTube page lists him as IQ=258 [3]; quote (2011): “I created my high IQ societies and the World Intelligence Network, in order to host spiritual and human interactions in a safeguarded, morally respectful environment.” (Ѻ)
8.Avi Ben-Abraham 75Avi Ben-Abraham
 IQ_O \,=250
The guy who famously fake an age 18 MD degree, was boasting that his: “His IQ is so high that it cannot even be measured”, that he had “mastered relativity at age 7”, and that his "estimated IQ is around 250" (Ѻ)(Ѻ)(Ѻ); generally done for social connectivity reasons, in the drug funding area, or something along these lines.
9.Rick RosnerRick Rosner
 IQ_O \,=250
 IQ_M \,=180-200
 IQ_R \,=140 (age 18)

Huge downgrade for (a) going back to high school at age 25, (b) being an IQ test junky, (c) publicly boasting of having a 200-range IQ, etc.
10.Marilyn Savant 75Marilyn Savant
 IQ_G \,=228
 IQ_M \,=186 (age 39)
 IQ_O \,=127 (age 7)
 IQ_O \,=167
 IQ_R \,=157

Huge downgrade for (a) knowingly publically faking a 228 IQ, based on falsified records of age-contrived Stanford-Benet test ratio IQ score (sent to Guinness for the purposes of self-promotion), for nearly three decades now, and (b) never having produced anything of intellectual note, other than being a newspaper columnist (a job she landed based her falsified IQ fame), and (c) being a IQ test junky (and IQ test maker).
11.Visalini Kumaraswamy 75Visalini Kumaraswamy
 IQ_O \,=225 (age 9)
Since 2009, news sources in India have been boasting of her having a 225-level IQ, per reason that she passed some computer programming certification tests (Ѻ); linked (Ѻ) profiles, describing her as such, etc.
12.Marta Eugenia Rodiguez 75Marta Rodiguez
 IQ_O \,=218 (age 6)
Someone calculated her IQ at age 6 (Ѻ); Quote: “I have an IQ of 218, that of Einstein was 180” (Ѻ).
13.Gena Leung
 IQ_R \,=210
At age 5, began to teach other children how to read; at age 11, scored 730 SAT-M; Quote: “assessment on the Stanford-Binet L-M, two weeks after her tenth birthday, revealed a mental age of 21 years and thus a ratio IQ in excess of 200”; and was studying French, Latin, and Japanese. Completed her university entrance math qualifications at age 13; at age 16, was a certified violinist and also a member of the five person Australian team that competed in the International Physics Olympiad; Was diagnosed with depression at age 18, placed on medication, and withdrew from school for a year; at age 20, completed a three-year bachelor of medical science degree.
14.Nathan Leopold 75Nathan Leopold
 IQ_O \,=210, 206-200
Downgrade for delusionally believing himself to be a Nietzsche uberman (IQ=183+) and for attempting a kidnapping-murder-ransom heist to prove this.
15.Christopher Langan 75Christopher Langan
 IQ_O \,=210, 195, 190  IQ_M \,=174, 190
Huge downgrade for (a) being an IQ test addict, (b) vocalizing his opinion that he "has seen farther than anyone who has come before him, and (c) being an intelligent design theorist.
16.Grost 75Michael Grost
 IQ_R \,=200 (age 8)
A forced prodigy scenario.
17.Sho Yano 75Sho Yano
 IQ_O \,=200 (age 10)

18.Dylan Jones 75Dylan Jones
 IQ_O \,=200 (age 10)
Entered engineering school at age 10 (Colorado School of Mines); photographic memory; able to recite pi to the 500 places and e to 100 places; completed BS in mathematical and computer science at age 16, with a minor in bioengineering and life sciences; entered medical school age 17, with aims (as of 2009) to become a neurosurgeon, board certified by age 28.
19.Naida CamukovaNaida Camukova
(c. 1976-)
 IQ_O \,=200
Started talking age 1, learned to read and write at age 2; age 14 was enrolled in both Moscow State University (history) and Daghestan State University (literature); began medical school at age 9 (or 15); speaks seven languages; age 25 became professor of history and literature; has published 25-books and read 3000 books; with photographic memory (able to remember even comma placements in books); only child of a neurosurgeon mother and lawyer father; had brain hemorrhage at age 23 (was in coma for 20-days) (Wikipedia) (Facebook), declared the world’s most intelligent person by the Moscow Institute from Brain Research; Note: According to a number of reports, she said to be running some type of genius scam racket to get swindle millions of dollars for her associated organization? (IQ=199.37) (Ѻ);
20.Edith Stern 75Edith Stern
 IQ_O \,=200, 201-203
A curious forced prodigy, who turned out relatively health.
21.Christopher Harding 75Christopher Harding
 IQ_O \,=200
 IQ_G \,=196-197

Quote: “In Australia, I was fortunate to come into contact with and employ one of the then three most intelligent people in the world, Chris Harding. This trio all had IQ's over 200, well off the Stanford/Binet scale” (biographical writings of Allan Skertchly).
22.Daniela Simidchieva 75pxDaniel Simidchieva
 IQ_O \,=200,193
23.Jim Diamond 75Jim Diamond
 IQ_O \,=200
 IQ_O \,=160+

A retired magician who runs where he claims to be the "man with the perfect IQ" (Ѻ) and sells how-to-be-a-genius videos; claims his IQ at 160+ (Ѻ). Boasting that his IQ score of 200+ was achieved under the strictest conditions using the best IQ testing system in the world.” (Ѻ); supposedly scored “very superior” or three standard deviations above the mean (IQ=145) on the Wechsler Adult IQ test (which has a max IQ score of 155) (Ѻ), but he boasts that this equates to 200+, so to sell his online products.
24.Garry Kasparov 75Garry Kasparov
 IQ_O \,=190-185
 IQ_P \,=135

25.Philip Emeagwali 75 Philip Emeagwali
 IQ_O \,=190
Smartest man ever? (Ѻ); Genius or Crook? (Ѻ); quote: “IQ is too high to be measured on conventional tests.” (Ѻ); “reported by Sahara reporters as having an IQ of 190” (Ѻ).
26.Ronald Hoeflin 75Ronald Hoeflin

Claims: 164 or "125 to 175, depending on which cognitive abilities they're tapping into", or 190 “on a good day”, in his own words.
27.Bobby Fischer 75Bobby Fischer
Scored 180-187 on the Stanford-Binet at about age 15 (1958) at Erasmus Hall High School, Brooklyn, prior to dropping out and becoming the world's leading chess player. [2]
28.Ken Wolf 75Merrill Kenneth Wolf
 IQ_O \,=182 (age 14)
AB in music from Yale in 1945 (age 14) and MD from Western Reserve University School of Medicine in 1956 (age 25); Quote: “[Merrill Kenneth Wolf]’s of 182, which is only 23 points lower than Einstein’s [IQ=205]”. [10]
29.Kevin Langdon 75Kevin Langdon

Langdon claimed, supposedly (Ѻ), that his Adult Intelligence Test had a ceiling at the one-in-a-million level, i.e. 176 IQ [or 171 using the academic-standard 15-point-per-standard-deviation system], or 4.75 standard deviations above the mean.
30.Grady Towers
 IQ_M \,=176+
A former child prodigy who almost completing a PhD in anthropology at age 20; Mega Society member, with claimed IQ of 176+ (Ѻ), author of “The Outsiders” (1987) (Ѻ) on William Sidis.
31.Pranav Veera 75 Pranav Veera
 IQ_R \,=176 (age 6)
3#.Judith Polgar 75Judith Polgar
 IQ_O \,=170

3#.Jacob Barnett 75Jacob Barnett
 IQ_O \,=170
Quote: “12-year-old Jake is studying electromagnetic physics at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and has an IQ of 170.” [8] Said to be doing work on Einstein's relativity theory.
32.Victoria Cowie 75 Victoria Cowie
 IQ_O \,=162
33.Colin Carlson 75Colin Carlson
 IQ_O \,=160
In 2014, began posting occasionally in Tumblr blog entitled “Formerly Child Prodigy” (Ѻ), describing himself as “I'm 18, I've published a letter in Science and am a Ph.D. Student at UC Berkeley”, where he talks about Good Will Hunting, prodigy burn (Ѻ), and other issues. [4]
34.Oscar Wrigley 75 Oscar Wrigley
 IQ_O \,=160
35.Elise Tan-Roberts 75Elise Tan-Roberts
 IQ_O \,=160


Feigned IQs
Four video-recorded examples of people with “feigned IQs”, i.e. simulated or pretended IQs, claimed in to be in the IQ: 200+ range, i.e. in the da Vinci or above genius level range (see: Cox-Buzan IQ), per top 500 geniuses ranking standards, namely: Indian Visalini Kumaraswamy (2000-) (Ѻ), Rick Rosner (1960-) (Ѻ), Evangelos Katsioulis (1976-) (Ѻ), and Marilyn Savant (1946-) (Ѻ), all of whom are intellectual nobodies, in historical retrospect genius accomplishment terms.
It has been estimated, based on data of test scores of various accelerating learning centers, that child psychologists, using standard ratio IQ test methods, miscalculate children to have IQs in 200 to 220 range, at a rate of one child per three US state region, every two year period, approximately. These, to note, are not exactly "fake IQs", but rather calculation over-estimates that get fed into children's minds, some of which get passed into the media, by parents, in hopes of getting scholarships, funding, and what not, above standard education.

Terms related and or synonymous to feigned IQs are: snake oil IQ, fake IQ, overzealous IQs, scam IQ, fool’s gold IQ, showboater IQ, news media IQ, age ratio overestimates or miscalculations, etc., refers to someone who claims, sells, or is cited as having a high-end, over-the-top, overestimated, and or mis-calculated genius IQ score, of 140 or above, of themselves or someone else (e.g. a parent), for monetary (e.g. Diamond, c.2000), marketing (e.g. O’Brien, 2014), publicity (e.g. Savant, 1986), vainglory, or self-aggrandization (e.g. Katsioulis, c.2010); a fake IQ is akin to someone selling snake oil in olden days. The tagline "smarter than Einstein" generally accompanies the faked IQ. [8]

In 1916, Lewis Terman, building on the earlier childhood intelligence studies of Alfred Binet (1899), Theodore Simon (c.1890), and William Stern (1912), invented the modern concept of "IQ" via the following formula:

 IQ = 100\frac{MA}{CA} \,

where MA is "mental age", i.e. age determined by normal score on some test designed for a certain age, and CA is chronological age, i.e. the actual age of the child, young adult, or person (see: Terman IQ; ratio IQ). The formula for its original intended purposes, i.e. testing for idiocy in children, seemed to work generally well. When, however, a child is testing at double their age, the formula gives "screwy" results.

The most-famous of these "IQ miscalculations" is Terman's 1917 calculation of Francis Galton's IQ. Specifically, based on the fact that Galton in 1826, at age 4, could to the following: read any English book; say all the Latin substantives and adjectives and active verbs; "read fifty-two lines of Latin poetry; add and multiply numbers 2 to 11; say the pence table; read a little French; and know the clock", which is what the average eight year old, during this period, could do, Terman calculated Galton's age four IQ as follows:

 IQ_{Galton_{age4}} \cong 100 \frac{8}{4} = 200 \,

“From the evidence given, one is justified in concluding that between ages of three and eight years, at least, Francis Galton must have had an intelligence quotient (IQ) not far from 200.”
Lewis Terman (1917), “The Intelligence Quotient of Francis Galton in Childhood” [9]

In 1926, to compound matters, Catherine Cox, Terman's graduate student, published the calculated IQs of the top 300 geniuses (see: Cox IQs), from the best of the Cattell 1000, among which, e.g. the IQs of Gottfried Leibniz, Isaac Newton, and Leonardo da Vinci, were determined to be: 205, 190, and 180, respectively. Accordingly, based on these Terman (1917) and Cox (1926) calculations, we are led to believe, according to these psychologists, that Galton was smarter than Newton AND da Vinci, and that Leibniz was smarter than all three? This is an example of calculations leading to nonsense results. Whatever the case, a cottage industry of psychological IQ testing arose in the century to follow. Four year old children could now take eight year old IQ tests, and go on to boast, for their remaining days of existence, that their IQ is up in the 200 range and that they are smarter than Newton, Einstein, or Hawking.

The most-famous of these feigned over-the-top estimated IQ calculations is that of the 1981 IQ calculation of the five-year-old Adragon De Mello (1976-) (Ѻ) by his father Agustin de Mello, who reasoned that since his son, at age five, could pass an intelligence test designed for a twenty-year-old, that his son's IQ was 400:

de mello IQ calculation 2

Agustin tested AD's intelligence when the boy turned five. He calculated an IQ of 400, meaning AD might rank as the greatest intellect in history.”
— Kurson Robert (2002), “Just Another Father-Son Story” [10]

In short, in the 20th century, the selling of people as presumed and or certified "geniuses", per some age-based ratio IQ calculation score, on some simple one or two hour test, has led to the phenomena of people selling faked of feigned genius IQs like people of the 19th century used to sell snake oil as a kind of fix-all, albeit one without potency.

The prodigy burn out ratio, to note, i.e. the number of geniuses, that one might remotely hear about, per batch of 100 child prodigies, according to Israeli-American violinist Itzhak Perlman (c.1990), is a 1-to-50 ratio, “for every child prodigy that you know about, at least 50 potential ones have burned out (see: thermal word) before you even heard about them.” In other words, for every 50 potential prodigies a child psychologist tests to have a potential IQ in the extreme genius range, you might only end up hearing about one of these, and maybe, centuries later, only a handful of these one's we hear about make it into the top 500 geniuses range.

Fake IQs 2
Two 1990s Weekly World News clippings of Christopher Harding (1945-) and Maria Dos Marinos (1941-) cited with feigned IQs (or faked IQs) of 197 and 308, respectively. [13]
High IQ society | Scams
In 1948, Roland Berrill and Lancelot Ware invented the Mensa Society as a so-promoted "intellectual club" for people tested with IQs of 132.

In 1966, Christopher Harding (1945-), pictured adjacent, was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records (see: Guinness Book IQ), under the category, "The Smartest Man in the World", listed with an IQ of 197; in 1974, Harding founded the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry; about the third oldest high IQ society (IQ:146+).

In 1982, Ronald Hoeflin invented the "Mega Society", schemed as a intellectual grade above the Mensa Society, acceptance based on a score in Hoeflin's "Mega Test", designed, by him, to test people with IQs of 145 and above. Sometime thereafter is when the era of "IQ feigning" began.

In 1986, American Marilyn Savant famously sent in age-fudged IQ test records, test taken at age 10 (actual age 11-years 4-months), using the Lewis Terman's age ratio IQ formula, into the Guinness Book company so to thereby get her name listed in the “highest IQ” category with a Guinness Book IQ of 228.

In the 1990s, high IQ culture associates Christopher Langan (1952-) and Rick Rosner (1960-) were selling themselves as IQ 200 range geniuses, based on their scores of taking and retaking the so called Mega Test.

Faked IQs
In 2002, Elizabeth Chapman was fabricating the intelligence score of her son, Chris (or Justin) Chapman (1996-), to be IQ at 298 to the media; her child was removed after he attempted suicide a year latter.

In 2014, Irish-born American Walter O’Brien (1975-) was reporting to news media outlets, i.e. “using his IQ as a marketing element”, that at age 9 (Ѻ) or age 14, depending on source, he scored an IQ of 197 on some intelligence test, administered by one of his primary school teachers, but he did not keep the paperwork, thereby giving the tagline conclusion that he was the “forth smartest person in the world”. Investigations into these taglines led him to be labeled a “fake” brilliant inventor. [1]

The following are related quotes:

“At age four, two psychologists and one sociologist gave Michael Kearney the Stanford-Binet IQ test (L-M version), a test designed for highly-gifted children age six and above. Michael scored 168, the ceiling of the test. Michael’s parents, Kevin and Cassidy, in their own words, “discovered in the library that the Stanford-Binet L-M version test gives a mental age which can be ratioed with chronological age for a true IQ … Kevin and I did the math and came up with Michael’s IQ at 325.”
— Cassidy Kearney (c.2009), on her son Michael Kearney

“No, my IQ is NOT really 156. It’s decent – around 130 according to my 1987 SAT score, 1993 GRE and a few other tests that correlate well with IQ’s – but nowhere near the above score. A score of 156 is almost two full standard deviations above my real score – or about the same spread that separates someone who qualifies for Mensa from a person with an IQ of 100. I figure online tests like these are designed to flatter the people who take them, encourage them to come back for more and view ads, pass on personal info, subscribe to email lists etc. It bugs me because it’s dishonest about something I do take pride in. I LIKE being smart, but I prefer being honestly bright to being dishonestly brilliant. I mean ego stroking is nice – I’ve yet to find an honest compliment that I didn’t appreciate – but when it is disingenuous, it is worse than a criticism. It is, in fact, an INSULT to the very intelligence that it purports to praise.”
— Anon (2010), “Pet Peeve: Inflated IQ Scores” (Ѻ), Mar 05

“Actually, Adrian Seng is Terence Tao (Ѻ). A book about gifted kids written by Miraca Gross (Ѻ) included biographies of real-life gifted children but she changed their names. Terence Tao's name was changed to Adrian Seng. I disagree with your inclusion [actually not included] of chess champions, Go champions, and idiots who supposedly did well on those fake ‘Ultra-High IQ Tests’ (e.g. Widsten [IQclaim: 175+] (Ѻ), Lygeros [IQclaim:189] (Ѻ), Gunnarsson [IQclaim: 235] (Ѻ), Schuessler [IQclaim: 185] (Ѻ), etc.). These idiots haven't achieved anything that matches their inflated IQs. One person I suggest you include is Michael Grost. He was a true genius who achieved honorable mention on the incredibly difficult Putnam exam (the same one that Reid Barton won 4 times) at the age of 13. Also, include Gabriel Carroll. This guy probably has a > 200 IQ. Lastly, I'm pleasantly surprised that you know Wei-Hwa Huang. We really should talk because I know a lot of the people on your list.”
— American Anon (2011), “Top 50” (Ѻ), IQ:200+ thread (post #11), poster from Richmond Virginia, Mar 14.

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