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In institutes, Institute of Human Thermodynamics, acronym IoHT, is a leading international professional body and learned society with over 75 members, which promotes the advancement and dissemination of a knowledge of and education in the science of human thermodynamics, pure and applied. The IoHT is a non-profit, educationally-mined organization established in 2002 by American chemical engineer Libb Thims. [1] The Journal of Human Thermodynamics (JHT), started in 2005, is maintained by the IoHT. [2] The symbol for the IoHT is "θΔics".

How to join
The IoHT is open to all individuals interested in furthering the understanding of the thermodynamical explanation of human existence. There is no cost to join. A token of commitment to the effort is the submission of a short article on a connected topic to the Journal of Human Thermodynamics. [6]

Clausius Medal
See main: Thermodynamics Medal (proposal)
The IoHT is currently considering being the presenting host and curator for a semi-annual "Clausius Medal", named in honor of thermodynamics founder Rudolf Clausius, given out, along with a small monetary sum, for excellent contributions to the subject of human thermodynamics.

IoHT | Founding members

The following individuals are IoHT members who are also EoHT members, which gives the indication that the subject of human thermodynamics is a subject unique or rather keen to chemical engineers (and to a good extent physical chemists), in particular:

Libb Thims (2)
Libb Thims
Georgi Gladyshev
Georgi Gladyshev
Ted Erikson
Ted Erikson
Lynn Liss
Lynn Liss
Jing Chen (small)
Jing Chen
Viktor Minkin (small)
Viktor Minkin
Gerry Nahum (formatted)
Gerry Nahum

Chemical engineer
Electrical engineer
Physical chemist
Chemical engineer
Physics teacher
Business executive
Chemical engineer

The central hub of the IoHT is located in Chicago, Illinois:

Institute of Human Thermodynamics
4126 N. Keystone
Chicago, IL 60641

The bulk of the structure of the Institute, however, is virtual being connected via emails, websites, mail, phone calls, and occasional meetings. [3]
Hot Sex, Cold Sex, Ambient Sex (PR)
An example 2010 IoHT press release ( reporting the results of a 2005 study on the thermodynamic nature of cold sex, hot sex, and ambient sex, base on a detailed survey of thirty people; data from which a 'sexual thermometer' was developed in units of 'degrees sex' ˚S. [7]

Press releases
The press releases for the IoHT, concerning publications, works, and studies of members of the IoHT, IoHT-related events and notices, are hosted and distributed by [5]

Founding members of the IoHT: Libb Thims, Lynn Liss, and Ira Liss, meet annually on the 4th of July weekend at a different waterpark each year and discuss progress of the development of human chemistry and human thermodynamics. Many of the early meetings with other members, in 2004 and 2005, were not recorded. Recent meetings have been impromptu and random as listed below:

(Winter) Thims met with Ted Erikson in Chicago to discuss Human Chemistry manuscript.
● (Summer) Thims met with Georgi Gladyshev at the 14th annual International Anti-Aging Congress and Exposition in Chicago at the Rosemont Convention center, who was one of the key speakers and discussed Thims’ human thermodynamics in lecture.

● (12/16) – Thims met with Georgi Gladyshev in Chicago (magnificent mile) to discuss human thermodynamics and hierarchical thermodynamics. Gladyshev believes that Thims' work can be send to the Nobel Prize committee for nomination.
IoHT vehicle
The URL located on the back window of IoHT founder Libb Thims' car (circa 2005).

● (03/14) - Thims met with Ted Erickson at the annual American Association of Physics teachers (AAPT) meeting at Harper College (Palatine, Illinois) where Erickson discussed Thims’ human molecule theories in lecture.
● (03/19) - Thims met with Monzershaher Ettawil and Andrew Maxwell in Chicago to thank them for reading portions of the manuscript Human Chemistry and to give them finished copies; as well as to show them the finished copy of The Human Molecule.

● Both Georgi Gladyshev and Libb Thims were invited to attend, and to submit presentation proposals, the 2007 Meeting the Entropy Challenge – an International Thermodynamics Symposium in Honor and Memory of Professor Joseph Henry Keenan at MIT. [4] Unfortunately, Gladyshev and Thims were unable to attend do to scheduling difficulties.

● Thims was invited to attend the July 19-20 PodCamp3 Boston at the Joseph Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School.

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Further reading
● Gardiner, Martin. (2010). “Inside the IoHT: I am not a molecule (parts 1, 2, 3, 4)”, Improbable Research, Jun 04-06.

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