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A possible representation of an intellectual moron: the teacher who incorrectly belittles his student, based on his academic position.
In education, intellectual moron, "pseudo-intellectual" (Daniel Flynn, 2004) or "learned ignorance" (Nicholas of Cusa, c.1640) refers to a smart person—one with high levels of learning and or a high said-to-be IQ—who lets ideology do his or her thinking, who forgoes independent judgment in favor of having their views handed to them, have their mind on autopilot, often being so blinded to reality by the causes they serve that they espouse bizarre, sometimes ridiculous, in many cases contradictory and or dangerous positions. [1] An intellectual moron, in short, refers to one who is both a moron (IQ=50-69) and an intellectual (IQ=120+), a blend of the two. An intellectual moron, by lecture definition, according to term-coiner Daniel Flynn, is someone who has great cognitive abilities, but who relies on ideology rather than his or her brain to do their thinking. [2]

A ripe example of a so-called “intellectual moron”, according to Daniel Flynn, author of the 2004 of the same name, include Australian moral philosopher professor Peter Singer, professor of “bioethics” at Princeton, the so-called godfather of the animal rights movement, who objects to humans eating animals, but not to humans having sex with them, a logic based on his speciesism views. [3]

There is no doubt that someone could transform into a moron in such a field, being that firstly “bio” is something that does not exist (see: defunct theory of life), and secondly that “ethics”, for 75% of the world is based on Anunian theology and the weighing of the soul model of morality; whereas correctly, as Goethe so rightly discerned in 1808 morality or rather the moral symbols of nature are rooted in science of physical chemistry. Hence, one not literate in physical chemistry, such as is the case with Singer, may very well tread down the path towards moronville.

Related or synonymous terms might be what Nicholas of Cusa refers to has “learned ignorance”, a learned person in blind possession of ignorance; or possibly what Flynn calls a ‘pseudo-intellectual’.

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