Irving Simon

photo neededIn hmolscience, Irving Simon (1920-) is/was an American philosopher noted, in animate thermodynamics, for his 1980 "centropy" theory of evolution, according to which evolution operates according to an entropy antonym property of energy centration.

In 1980, Simon published a 70-page entropy booklet Centropy: the Vertical Aspect of Evolution, outlining some type of centropy evolution theory; arguing to the effect that ‘centropy’, meaning ‘energy centration’ or the energy of centralized ordering effect, supposedly, originating in the work of American clinical psychologist Joseph Bois, quantifies the vertical aspect of evolution, opposite to that of entropy.

In 1989, Simon published an expanded 250-page Centropy: Evolution of Energy Systems (1989); and in 2004 he launched an [2]

In 2000, Simon, with American mathematician Mark Burgin, published “Information, Energy, and Evolution”, arguing that energy and information are the nutrients of evolution. [3]

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