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In Hmolpedia, JHT potentials refers to potential or possible articles for the Journal of Human Thermodynamics (JHT). Add an article title below if you would like to see a certain topic discussed or published. The following list of titles are only tentative ideas for potential journal articles:

● “Relationships, Escape Velocities, and Orbital Trajectory Breaking” (Ѻ)

New ideas | Recent
● “Mpemba effect and war” | 17 Jun 2013

New ideas | Semi-recent
● "Goethe meets Gibbs"
● "Thermodynamics: All's Fair in Love and War"
● "Maxwell's Demon meets Cupid"
● "Sports Team Trades and Chemical Potential" (see also: William Ramsay)

● "On the Chemical Thermodynamics of Human Molecules"

● “Man, the Molecule of Society, is the Subject of Social Science” (quote by Henry Carey, Principles of Social Science, 1858)
● “On the Chemical Thermodynamics of Goethe’s Elective Affinities
● “The Principles of the Thermodynamics of Evolutionary Psychology”
● “On the Myth of Evolution by Random Chance” (the word "random" not used in Origin of Species, supposedly stems from The Blind Watchmaker?)

Old ideas
● “Whoever Said State Functions apply to People?”

Regarding the general query: “whoever said state functions apply to humans?”, see: Moriarty-Thims debate (2009), e.g. comments: #128, #160, etc.; The Literate Engineer's Jun 2005 comment (in Libb Thims (attack)); Ilya Prigogine’s 1977 Nobel Lecture “obviously” comment; and Mala Radhakrishnan’s 23 Sep 2013 tweet.

“On the Thermodynamics of Hot or Not”
“Thermodynamics of Extrovert and Introvert Personality Types”
“On the Thermodynamics of Cold Sex” (see: 2005 study "Hot Sex, Cold Sex, Ambient Sex")
"The the Nature of the Temperature of Sex" (see: 2005 study "Hot Sex, Cold Sex, Ambient Sex")
"On Human Enthalpy"
"A Review of C.G. Darwin's Human Statistical Thermodynamics" (The Next Million Years, 1952)
"A Review of Mehdi Bazargan's Human Thermodynamics" (Thermodynamics of Humans, 1954)
"On the Activation of Animate Matter" (harnessed by forces that stem from the future), (a Pierre Teilhard theory, e.g. see: The Human Molecule, pg. 28)
"On the Ultimate Driving Force of the Mechanism of Evolution" (a Pierre Teilhard phrase, e.g. see: The Human Molecule, pg. 28)
"On the Nature of the Energy Flow in Dissolving Relationships"
● “On the Nature of the Human Chemical Reaction”
● "The Thermodynamics of Human Behavior" (e.g. thermodynamic law of behavior)
● "The Thermodynamics of Human Activity" (e.g. Marguerite Callaway's 2006 "energetics of collective human activity" quote)
● "On Thermodynamic Analogies: Fact or Fiction?" (e.g. in 2006, Jozef Zycinski comments that his 2000 article “God, Freedom, and Evil: Perspectives from Religion and Science”, “offers an interpretation of human behavior with consideration of analogies from thermodynamics”)
● “Child as Precipitate” (see: Karl Fink’s 2001 ‘Goethe’s Intensified Border’ + thread: “I tend to view the child as a possible product or precipitate”)
● “Relationships as Carnot heat engines” (the efficiency of the 'working' aspects of the relationship is purely a function of the difference in temperature between the hot body and the cold body (Carnot efficiency); albeit, this seems to operate on what each individually uniquely sees has 'hot' and 'cold' in various physics and mental aspects or traits unique about the opposite mated person)
● “On the Work of Relationships” (e.g. comment: ‘I don’t see how it’s ever going to work between us’, ‘our relationship’s not working anymore’, ‘it just works good between us, I don’t know why?,’ etc.) (see: principle of the transmission of work and mechanical equivalent of heat)
● "Thermodynamics of Human Interactions"

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