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The top section to the 2005-present cover of the Journal of Human Thermodynamics, showing that the cyclical heat input from the sun is what drives all processes of human existence, a set of phenomena studied by the science and laws of thermodynamics.
In journals, the JHT review board (listed below) refers to academic and scholarly reviewers for articles submitted for potential publication in the Journal of Human Thermodynamics (JHT).

“To HEAT are due the vast movements which take place on the earth.”
Sadi Carnot (1824), French physicist-engineer

The JHT, as an internationally-registered scientific journal (ISSN: 1559-386X) was formerly established online on 02 Dec 2005. The review process for JHT articles in the years 2005 to 2010 was somewhat haphazard, involving a combination of email exchanges and online discussion. In 2011, in an effort to embrace open wiki format, and to get away from the older internal email review process, Iranian-born American chemical engineer Mohsen Mohsen-Nia's submission “A Thermodynamic Methodology for Evaluating Friendship Relations Stability”, was tested using "open" beta wiki review format, wherein selected reviewers were requested to give "public" feedback, comments, critiques, and general peer review in wiki threads or via email. [2] A ten member JHT review board was formerly established on 23 Oct 2012, comprising: Libb Thims, Jing Chen, Jeff Tuhtan, Josip Stepanić, Curtis Blakely, Mohsen Mohsen-Nia, Kalyan Annamalai, Gerard Nahum, David Porreca, and Robert Kenoun.

JHT board members | Active
The following is the "active"
—did peer review (see: submissions chronology) within last 12 months—JHT peer review board, ordered primarily by peer review count since 2011 and secondarily by date joined, the end columns showing peer reviews done per year:

Board member


Founding editor
Libb Thims (2013) 75Libb Thims | American electrochemical engineer
Institute of Human Thermodynamics, 4126 N. Keystone Ave, Chicago, IL 60641 USA
Phone: 1-312-576-8158
Website: LibbThims.com External link icon (c)
Email: libbthims@gmail.com
Interests: chemical thermodynamics and humanities
Related publications: Human Chemistry (§16: Human Thermodynamics, pgs. 653-701) (2007), The Human Molecule (2008), Hmolpedia (2008-present), etc.
Hmolpedia (small)

Plato is my friend, but truth my greater friend.”
Aristotle [1]
Academic reviewer | Postdoctoral researcher
Jeff Tuhtan (2013) 75Jeff Tuhtan | American ecohydraulic engineer and ecological thermodynamicist
SJE Ecological Engineering GmbH. Viereichenweg 12, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)711 677-3435
Website: uni-stuttgart.academia.edu/JeffTuhtanExternal link icon (c)
Email: jtuhtan@gmail.com
Interests: ecological thermodynamics, constructal theory, ecohydraulics, ethology
Related publications: PhD “A Modeling Approach for Alpine Rivers Impacted by Hydropeaking Including the Second Law Inequality” (pdf) (2011), etc.
A Modeling Approach for Alpine Rivers Impacted by Hydropeaking Including the Second Law Inequality (2011)


Academic reviewer | Justice systems professor
Curtis Blakely 75Curtis Blakely | American sociologist, criminal justice professor, and socio-physicist
Justice Systems Department, Truman State University, 100 E. Normal, BT 2215, Kirksville, MO, USA
Phone: (660) 785-7434
Website: justicesystems.truman.edu/web/faculty_directory/External link icon (c)
Email: cblakely@truman.edu
Interests: physics, sociology, sociophysics, penology
Related publications:Sub-atomic Particles and Prisoners: A Novel Examination of Socio-Physics and Penology”, etc.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”
Albert Einstein

Scholarly reviewer | Electronics industry
Robert Kenoun 75Robert Kenoun | Iranian-born American materials scientist, metallurgical-electrical engineer, and social thermodynamicist
Email: robert.kenoun@sbcglobal.net
Interests: thermodynamics, energy, history, social evolution, prediction
Related publications: A Theory of History and Social Evolution (2006)
Theory of History and Social Evolution (2006)


Academic reviewer | Chemical engineering professor
Mohsen Mohsen-Nia 75Mohsen Mohsen-Nia | Iranian-born American chemical engineer and human thermodynamicist
Thermodynamic Research Laboratory, University of Kashan, Kashan, Iran
Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Caltech, Pasadena, California, USA
Email: moh.moh@cheme.caltech.edu
Interests: chemical thermodynamics, human relationship stability,
Related publications:A Thermodynamic Methodology for Evaluating Friendship Relations Stability” (2011), etc.


Academic reviewer | Professor of classical and medieval studies
David Porreca 75David Porreca | Canadian history thermodynamics scholar
Department of Classical Studies, University of Waterloo, 200 University Avenue West, Waterloo ON N2L 3G1, Canada
Phone: +1 519 746 7881
Website: arts.uwaterloo.ca/profprofiles/porrecaExternal link icon (c)
Email: dporreca@uwaterloo.ca
Interests: big history, societal organization, control of resources, etc., from the laws of thermodynamics perspective
Related publications: current research project on the thermodynamics of rise and fall of civilizations


Academic reviewer | Mechanical engineering professor
Kalyan Annamalai 75Kalyan Annamalai | Indian-born American mechanical engineer and thermodynamicist
Texas A&M University, MEOB 307, College Station, Texas 77843-3123, USA
Phone: 1-979-845-2562
Website: meen-apps1.tamu.edu/FacultyProfiles/facultyinformation.asp?LastName=kannamalai,External link icon (c)
Research , Thermo Book, Combustion Book
Email: kannamalai@tamu.edu
Interests: thermodynamics, combustion theory, thermodynamics of biological systems (animate systems)
Publications: Advanced Thermodynamics Engineering (§14.4.1: Human body: formulae, pg. 726-27) (2011)
Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics


Academic reviewer | Mechanical engineering professor
Robert Balmer 75Robert Balmer | American mechanical engineer and dean of engineering
Department of Engineering and Computer Science, Union College, Schenectady, NY, USA
Phone: 1-518-388-6530
Email: balmerr@union.edu
Interests: entropy of animate systems (fish); entropy and aging
Related publications: “Entropy and Metabolism: A Macroscopic View of Aging” (1978), “An Entropy Model for Biological Systems” (1984), Modern Engineering Thermodynamics (2011).
Modern Engineering Thermodynamics (2011)


Academic reviewer | Economics professor
Gheorghe Savoiu 75Gheorghe Savoiu | Romanian economist and econophysicist
Department of Economics, University of Pitesti, University of Pitesti,
Strada Târgul din Vale, Pitești 110040, Romania

Email: gheorghe.savoiu@upit.ro
Interests: physical demographics [see: John Q. Stewart], econophysics, sociophysics, economic thermodynamics, two cultures synergy
Publications: Econophysics: Background and Application in Economics, Finance, and Sociophysics (2012)
See also: Romanian school of socioeconomic physics
Econophysics (2012)2013

Academic reviewer | Physics professor
Ion Siman 75Ion Siman | Romanian physicist and sociophysicist
Department of Physics, University of Pitesti,

Strada Târgul din Vale, Pitești 110040, Romania
Email: ioniorgasiman@yahoo.com
Interests: sociophysics, econophysics, and two cultures synergy
Biophysics (2000), Econophysics: Background and Application in Economics, Finance, and Sociophysics (2012) (co-author), etc.
See also: Romanian school of socioeconomic physics
Econophysics, Sociophysics, and other Multidisciplinary Sciences Journal2013


JHT board members | Inactive
The following are the "inactive"have not done peer review (see: submissions chronology) within last 12 months—JHT peer review board members, ordered by date joined, showing peer reviews done per year:

Board member


Academic reviewer | Business school professor
Jing Chen 75Jing Chen | Chinese-born Canadian mathematician and thermodynamic economist
School of Business, University of British Columbia, 3333 University Way, Prince George, B.C., Canada, V2N 4Z9
Phone: 1-250-960-6480
Website: web.unbc.ca/~chenj/External link icon (c)
Email: chenj@unbc.ca
Interests: economics, finance, thermodynamics, entropy, human behavior, psychology, sexual selection
Related publications: The Physical Foundation of Economics: an Analytical Thermodynamic Theory (2005), etc.
PFE (125px)



Academic reviewer | Mechanical engineering professor
Josip Stepanic 75Josip Stepanić | Croatian physicist, mechanical engineer, and human thermodynamicist
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Ivana Lucic 5, 10002 Zagreb, PO Box 102, Croatia
Phone: +385 1 6168 222
Website: unizg.academia.edu/JosipStepanicExternal link icon (c)
Email: josip.j.stepanic@fsb.hr
Interests: Thermodynamics and statistical physics of complex systems, interdisciplinarity, social systems theory, social free energy
Related publications: "Social Equivalent of Free Energy" (2004); Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems (Editor-in-Chief), etc.


Academic reviewer | Pharmaceutical industry
Gerard Nahum 75Gerard Nahum | American chemical engineer, medical school professor, and consciousness thermodynamicist
Vice President of Global Clinical Development, Primary Care, Anti-infectives, and Women's Healthcare, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Montville, New Jersey, U.S. & Berlin, Germany
Website: epernicus.com/ggnExternal link icon (c)
Email: GNahum2003@yahoo.com
Interests: first law of thermodynamics, consciousness, cessation thermodynamics, physical information theory, continuity theories
Related publications: “A Proposal for Testing the Energetics of Consciousness and its Physical Foundation” (1998)


Review process
The JHT review process is diagrammed in the following flow chart schematic:

Step one

Step two

Step three
Libb Thims
(collects article submissions)
(via libbthims@gmail.com)
Articles are formatted
(and then reviewed)
Articles are published
(or rejected)

In short, JHT article submissions, in Word document format, are collected by Libb Thims, sent to him as attachments, primarily via libbthims@gmail.com or sometimes via questions@humanthermodynamics.com. The submitted articles are accumulated, as the year progresses, stored in computer file. At a point later in the year, Thims uploads each article into a JHT formatted online wiki page at the beta review site: JHT beta (submissions)External link icon (c), each as a separate online article, ready to undergo the peer review and article improvement process, each review wiki article filed as a subpage to the JHT beta (submissions) header page. Thims then emails everyone (review board members and collective set of submitting authors) that the set of articles are ready for the open beta review process, and that everyone (review board members + authors + other interested parties) is now invited to review and comment on the said articles, through the following means of communication: (a) threads below each article, (b) text comments added into a review section at the top or bottom of wiki page of the article itself [as article changes can be tracked via the "about this update" and "complete history" links, below each article], (c) email reviews sent back to Thims (e.g. via word document attachment or email comments), or (d) other means the reviewer may think of to communicate his or her critique.

German solid German metalurgist, solid state thermodynamicist, and professor of physical socio-economics Jurgen Mimkes reviewed for the JHT in 2011; but currently (Oct 2012) is busy with a book on physical economics with Peter Richmond to be published with Oxford U Press based on J. Mimkes, Introduction to Macro-Econophysics and Finance Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, (2011) Springer, but wishes to be “kept posted” at to JHT progress and development.

1. Quote inscribed into Newton's age 19 written notebook Philosophical Questions.
2. Mohsen-Nia, Mohsen, Arfaei, F., Amiri, H., and Mohsen Nia, A. (2011). “A Thermodynamic Methodology for Evaluating Friendship Relations Stability”, Journal of Human Thermodynamics, 7(2): 5-14, (Beta Review), Dec.

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