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Jacques-Andre NaigeonIn existographies, Jacques-Andre Naigeon (1738-1810) (FA:71) was French atheist philosopher, editor, and artist noted for []

Naigeon, aka the so-called “monk of atheism” (Ѻ), characterized a “brash evangelical atheist” (Hecht, 2003), was a friend of Baron d’Holbach (Ѻ), who in circa 1869 had begun to increasingly politicize d’Holbach and his views, who assisted d’Holbach in the classic atheist works, such as Jean Meslier, and who penned the preface to Holbach’s The System of Nature. [1]

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The following are noted quotes by Naigeon:

“The idea of god is nonsense and the barrier to all human progress.”
— Jacques Naigeon (1770), “Preface” to The System of Nature (quote paraphrased by Hecht) [1]

1. Hecht, Jennifer M. (2003). Doubt: A History: The Great Doubters and Their Legacy of Innovation from Socrates and Jesus to Thomas (pg. 553). HarperOne.

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