James Beatty

photo neededIn hmolscience, James Beatty (1934-c.2005) was an American chemical engineer noted for his extended 1970s discussions with Brazilian chemical engineer Edison Bittencourt on the application of thermodynamics to problems including the creation of order and seeming purposive processes observed in biology (powered-chnopsology), sociology, and economics. [1]

Beatty, in the 1970s, seems to have been associate with North Carolina State University.

1. Bittencourt, Edison. (2007). “Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes and the Teaching of Thermodynamics in Chemical Engineering” (pdf), International Latin American and Caribbean Conference for Engineering and Technology, 29 May – 01 Jun.

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‚óŹ Beatty, James Wayne (1934-) – WorldCat Identities.

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