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James Eadon nsIn hmolscience, James Eadon (1968-) or "Jim Eadon" is an English physicist noted for 2001 human molecule poll.

Human molecule | Poll
In 2001, Eadon initiated an online poll “Are You a Giant Molecule?”, which, as of 2009, with over 340 people polled, indicates that about 57% of people "believe" they are a molecule (human molecule) or "giant molecule" as Eadon terms things: [1]

Poll: Are you a giant molecule? (2008)
The poll was referenced in the 2008 book The Human Molecule by American chemical engineer Libb Thims. [2]

Eadon's poll can be compared to Thims' 2005 poll results of 100 Americans on the query: "is love a chemical reaction?", finding that 65.5% of Americans believe that love is a chemical reaction. [5] These, in turn, can be compared to 1992 data by Helen Fisher, which found that about 67% of people believe in love at first sight and 20% fall in love at first sight and marry that person. [6] This can be compared to 2013 polls by Sydnee Stannard of American high school student which found that 62% believe in love at first sight. [7] These related data sets are shown below:


Believe humans are giant molecules57%

Belief love is a chemical reaction66%

Believe in love at first sight62% (high school) - 67% (general)

In sum, 63% of people, on average, believe: (a) they are molecule, (b) love is a chemical reaction, and (c) that light (sight) can trigger this reaction. [8]

Eadon completed his BS in physics and MS in solid state physics and computer science from Newcastle Upon Tyne University. [3] Eadon is also the recent inventor of the Culica, a type of Rubic's cube like puzzle game. [4]

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