James Hyslop

James Hyslop nsIn hmolscience, James Hyslop (1854-1920) was an American abnormal psychologist noted, in cessation thermodynamics, for his 1918 discussions about energy and afterlife.

In 1918, Hyslop, in his Life After Death: Problems of the Future and its Nature, discussed the conservation of energy in the context of death and afterlife; the following being a representative example: [1]

“The consequence of [conservation of energy] is that survival after death would be absolutely assured on any such view as is usually held of conservation and the only escape from it would be to question the truth of conservation of energy or to deny the causal relation between physical and mental phenomena.”

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1. Hyslop, James H. (1918). Life After Death: Problems of the Future and its Nature (conservation of energy, pgs. 34, 171-74). E.P. Dutton & Co.

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