Jawad Mirza

Jawad Mirza nsIn hmolscience, Jawad Parvez Mirza (c.1987-) is an American chemical engineer noted for his participation in Mary Guthrie's 2000 video parody "Why Students Choose Chemical Engineering?", wherein he comments: “When it comes to thermodynamics, you’ll learn about heat transfer … there’s a lot of heat transfer taking place—between people also.”

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Mirza completed his BS in chemical engineering at North Carolina State University (Ѻ) in 2009; presently he a global technical operations engineer at Merck pharmaceuticals. [2]

1. Guthrie, Mary. (2009). “Investigative Report: on Why Students Choose Chemical Engineering” (Ѻ) (writer: Mary Guthrie) (Mirza quote, 4:47-4:53; Byrnes quote [2012], comment section), ChETube, CHEnected, Jan 13.
2. Alumni (2009) – Che.NCSU.edu.

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