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Jean-Baptiste LamarckIn existographies, Jean Lamarck (1744-1829) (IQ:175|#329) (Cattell 1000:681) [RGM:342|1,500+] (Murray 4000:3|B) (James 38:10) (EvT:10|21+) (CR:13) was a French anti-chance based naturalist noted for his 1800 evolution theory (see: Lamarckian theory) that employed several mechanisms as drivers of evolution, drawn from the common knowledge of his day and from his own belief in (pre-Lavoisier) chemistry namely he envisioned two forces as comprising evolution; a force driving animals from simple to complex forms, and a force adapting animals to their local environments and differentiating them from each other. He believed that these forces must be explained as a necessary consequence of basic physical principles, favoring a materialistic attitude toward biology.

Lamarck advocated the usage theory of evolution, e.g. that giraffes grew longer necks by reaching for leaves, and that this trait could be passed on to offspring; he the doctrine that all species, including man, are descended from other species. [4]

Animal origins
In 1802, in his Observations of Living Organisms, expressed new ideas about mutability and formation of species. [1]

In 1809, Lamarck, in his two-volume Philosophie Zoologique, gave the following great chain of being like tree depicting the origins of animals: [2]

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1809)

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“It is not enough to discover and prove a useful truth previously unknown, but that it is necessary also to be able to propagate it and get it recognized.”
— Lamarck (1809), Zoological Philosophy

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