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Jerome Heath nsIn hmolscience, Jerome Heath (c. 1940-) is American physicist-chemist turned information scientist noted, in human thermodynamics, for his 1997 melting-pot theory attempt to outline an idea of cultural thermodynamics.

In 1997, Heath, in his online “Thermodynamics of Culture”, attempted, via introductory citation to a number of over-typical springboard scholars, namely: Ludwig Bertalanffy (1962), Norbert Wiener (1961), Ilya Prigogine (1980), along with an ontic opening scholars, namely: Claude Shannon (1949), then jumps to Georg Hegel (1830), among a few other conclude, in a non-connective way, that concepts of energy, entropy, and temperature apply to social science, to form what he passingly refers to as “cultural thermodynamics”. [1]

Heath completed his BS in physics and chemistry (1962) at Monmouth College, IL, his MBA (1985) at the University of Minnesota, and his PhD in communications and information science (1997) at the University of Hawaii. [2]

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